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Radius Alarms


Burglar Alarms


57 Llewellyn Lawn Dublin 16


57 Llewellyn Lawn


Dublin 16

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8 months ago
Parents registered with this guy. He seems to be a one man show who you can never get after the install done. Quality of wiring not great and leaves the place in a mess. Suggest looking at other companies
one year ago
I am registeted with this company and I had my alarm go off this evening. After phoning a number of times, no one answered. Eventually I get through to someone and I explain to him what had happened. He asked me hiw long the alarm had been going off for and I said about 10 / 15 min. I told him I phoned them a few times and no one answered. He then answered with "I have answred now, haven't I?" I told him that there was really no reason to be so rude. He said "well I just asked you how long the alarm was going off for" then I said "well yes and if something was wrong you did answer Also I thought it was an issue that I'd bring up with you seeing as though we are talking" He completely ignored me and said "So the only way you'll fix it is to turn off the switch at the main panel othwrwise I'll have to come out but I can't do it now." Disgusting!!!!!! And of course this would be the only place to leave a review, tells you a lot about the company.